A visual dialogue with about 20 students from different universities in Beijing, Berlin, Mexico City and Perth. serves as a common archive for the visual answers.

#   poster, miscellaneous, web, 2012
A0 – 1189 • 841 mm
After School Club 2 - poster

Visualogue, can be understood as a prototype for a larger project that focuses on a critical investigation of imbalances in an international context.
An experiment was initiated by entering into a visual dialogue with about 20 students from four different continents. The participating locations were: Beijing, Berlin, Mexico City and Perth.
Each location formed a team. In a weekly cycle each group asked one question which was answered through visual responses. These responses should be based on empirical data, and examine social, as well as economic, issues in each country. The result is an exchange of visual arguments functioning as a global currency. A blog,, serves as a common archive. The aim was to create the possibility for accurate comparisons, but also to allow space for potential gaps through remaining questions. In this way coherence is conveyed, and visual fragments compose an image that mirrors the great questions of our time.